the sleeping productions

artists challenging each other

about us

Out of their comfort zone, artists who paint together naturally share the secrets of their practice while inevitably getting mutually influenced and challenged; when inhibition is lost, lightning strikes.

The Sleeping Productions are public live painting experiments by established and emerging, academics and outsider artists that typically last for a month. The participating artists immerse themselves for continuous 30 days in a pop-up shared studio in order to produce work on paper, all the while opening up their artistic process to the public. Since its founding in Beirut 2019, the collective has done 4 productions with 10 Lebanese and Syrian artists.

Browse selections from each production and get in touch for more.


Works on Paper

All works on this website have been created during productions and are all original works on Schut acid-free cotton 350 gm paper.

Previously named Sleeping With The Enemy Production, The Sleeping Productions might pop up in your city anytime. To know more about where we’ve already “made our beds,” check our stories here, here, here, and here.

This initiative is administered by Fadi el Chamaa.